Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hi everyone,
Well I recover in my home with my 4th back surgery I thought I would take the time to update everything  that is going on in my life.
     After being denied rehab. in a rehab. hospital I had to go home from the hospital after 2 1/2 days. You must stay in 3 days for any surgery in order for medicare to pay for rehab. Well the hospital would not let me stay one more day and for this I wasn't able to go to rehab. Now I am unable to put no more than 20 % on my right side of my body. You try to walk up or down steps using one leg because of the weight problem on the other leg. with no 1st floor bathroom I am confined to my Family room on a day bed with a bed side toilet. My hubby who is doing everything for me has to take the pot down stairs or upstairs to empty it out everytime I go. I am so mad at the system of this government taking over the medical hospitals, medicare, insurances. This is one of the new rule in the past year that they created. Being an older person anymore is no fun. They have taken so much away from our insurance companies and medicare this is a darn right mess. Now I may be older but I am young at heart and my age is only a number to me. I don't feel or act my age.
    Oh well, I won't talk about this subject anymore because it really makes me much more upset.

     Well one thing I have to say is I am getting my hooked rugs down for orders and a show that I have been invited to do. So this has helped in some way. I am going to make good used of the time I have till I am able to use both legs. Another 2 weeks and away I go, I hope.

I have started to make my own media as well. I used to make glitter dolls, santas, bunnies and so many other items. They are selling very well. I will try to post some pictures if I can. I love making these dolls because they are made out of paper mache and alum. foil and then I mold them by hand into the subjects I am making at the time. The process is quite long but well worth it when you see the final item.
Well with spring coming and all I am on the bunny kick and chicks. Real nice.
Well again till next time I will sign out now with this last thought. "Don't look back if you want to go forward".
Hugs, JoAnne


Today is Wed. April 30/2014
I am recovering from my fourth back surgery. I am doing pretty good but due to being denied rehab. in a rehab. hospital the process is very slow. My husband and I are trying to do it in our home and I remember the drill from last year's surgery. The medical field is going to pot. Just like Colorado pot users are now allowed to smoke their weed in the open. My medical insurance denied me after a serious back surgery which they had to put in screws  no REHAB. Will I hate to complain but I think I have a good reason to be bitter. Putting a bed and a bed side potty in my family room was not what I wanted to do. I am not allowed to put weight on my right side for 6 wks. Now you tell me how in God's sake could I manage this without help. Well we are doing it, slowly but surely. I am sitting now for longer periods and also keeping up on my blogshop site. I am posting new items as they are made. Having a problem with Microsoft so I need to go to another browser like firefox. I will post photos as I can.
Thank you for all of the good wishes I received and also the gifts and cards were appreciated. Thank you again
From my home to yours I send you many hugs.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

date 10/1/2013
Hello everyone,
Well I haven't been on for some time. I love to blog and write what is going on in my life but due to more back surgeries I was unable to do much of anything. I was in rehab. for almost 6 wks. and I am still having problems with my walking. I guess it takes along time to recover. Now I am having issues with muscle pains and I mean pain. I have pain from head to toes. I keep going as much as I can but some days it is so hard to just get up to watch the baseball games on TV. Now if I couldn't watch my baseball I would just die. I love my Cleveland Indians and tomorrow night they play for the way to the World Series. I hope for them as well as me they make it. No one this year would give them credit for a team that came so far with young wonderful players. And it was so nice we had no one that had to miss 50 games for drug use. This was a job well done. I am now in a beautiful shop with a lot of my items. they are so great there and I hope sales show very high. The shop is in New Middletown, Ohio named Hampton Hill merchantile. Great shop. If you get a chance and live close by check it out or check them on Facebook. My children are all doing well. My grandson Zach has made a friend and she is adorable. It is a young doe which eats out of his hand. I do have pictures of this which I will post as soon as I can. It is so wonderful to view this. Well I guess that's it for today but I will be posting more often now that I am ok and home. I have all the time in the world now being I can't do too much yet with my back. so till next time I send you many hugs from my home to yours.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Ideas I am going through.

Hi Everyone,
I am in the process of desigining more rug patterns and also some more rug wall hangings. I hope in time I can have all of my patterns listed on my sell blog. I have so many ideas in my head somedays my head has a full day of dreams and ideas. I just need the time to do this. With my hubby being sick lately and me trying to keep up sometimes, my life is completely not there. My head takes a vacation and I would love to go with it but can't. LOL Oh well maybe someday soon I can put down here on my blog what I really want to do. With help from friends like Lenzie I think I could do what I need to do. She is always there to help in anyway. thanks Lenzie if you read this. About selling on ebay I am trying. I have many hits but lately not that much buying. Now homes are going strong again so why not crafts? Let me know what you think I should do to correct this. Well this is all for today and till the next time, you have a great one, say a little prayer from time to time and enjoy life. Hugs from my home to yours this is JoAnne signing off for now. God bless.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone is having a great New Year. This is the month of March and I am finally getting back to being somewhat normal. I have really had a rough year so far. I don't want to get into it but believe me it has been rough. I have a few items that need to be added to my shop. Please continue coming back to see what I have been doing.
Thank you so much and have a good one.
Hugs from me, JoAnne

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today 9/11

Eleven years ago I had my suitcase packed and ready to go to airport to visit my sister in Texas. My aunt who was meeting me was already in the air from Florida to Pittsburg to meet me to go onto Texas together. Well I never made it. We were at war, so to speak. My aunt's plane was told to come down at an airport to have all of the passengers bused to their homes. She returned back to Florida and I unpacked and stayed by the TV to watch what the heckwas going on. It was a mess I thought was almost as bad if not worse than when we were told the 2nd world war was to begin. It was something you would never think would happen here on our soil. The USA well it did by people with hatered that has turned their heads that we are this bad thing that has to be burned out. God help them. I pray for them as well as all of the people that didn't make it that day. They the attachers need Prayer for they know not what they do. They are taught to hate, and hate brings on this horrible thing in each and every one of them. It isn't a religion it is a few of people that go against all that is good.
    It took me years to go back on a plane in fear of 9/11 but I did and I only prayed that I would reach the place I was going to.
       I heard the plane that flew near Pitts that crashed. It was flying lower than usual over our home and my husband even said that plane is flying so darn low for it was louder than ususal. It was the plane that would turn towards maybe the white house or some bldg. in Washington, DC but was stopped.
I will never forget that day as long as I live and each and every 9/11 I still cry for all that died.
God bless them and all RIP
This is JoAnne signing off.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I am home finally

Well besides not finding my blogs and my back is killing me I am finally home. My knee is doing ok but back that is another story. I just wanted to touch base with you all and tell you I will be doing quite a bit in a short while. Keep coming back to see what is up. thanks and till then I am signing off.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lost my blog please help if you read this.

Hospital stay

Hello everyone,
Well here it is almost Fall and I sit in a rehab. hospital recoving from knee and back surgery. It isn't too bad but rather boring at times. I want to create and in here doesn't give me time or place to do that. I will be getting out soon, I hope but till then I have to keep my head on and try to make the time I do have in here productive. I love to be doing other things but at this time no go. I do know this surgery has been right on. My knee is coming along so well but due to other things happening I am unable to leave at this time. I enjoy the staff here, they are so nice and really try so hard to help in any way they can. My hubby visits me every day and is taking care of my home duties for me. My two Yorkies and my coca  the bird that barks like my puppies. so funny. I did put some items in my cousin's floral shoppe but nothing yet has sold. I think times are so slow now they are waiting till school is in and our economy becomes alittle better.
     I am doing some hooking on my rugs and making new designs which keep me busy. I am going to dye some wool when I return home. I love doing that so things will look up as soon as I am completely on my feet. I am still writing for the Rusty Tin Roof magazine which I love and I do want to do more writing for other magazines if I can get my foot into the doors. LOL. Well at least I have some things in the works.

     I will blog in a few days, due to the fact, Hubby brings up Lap top for me to work on and then takes it home. I wouldn't want to keep it here in the hospital.
So till the next time, be safe, be happy, enjoy Life and I send you much hugs from my home to yours.